NYCC 2013 Exclusives!

00f_TRSH-01-CMYKcrop TrishCropAspen is hitting the Big Apple with a ton of new NYCC exclusive items including this Trish Out of Water #1 NYCC variant cover by Paolo Pantalena and Peter Steigerwald! Stay tuned for more updates and reveals and see you there! Also, don’t forget that limited quantities of our NYCC exclusives will be available on

Montreal Comic Con Exclusives!

AllNew_EA_IRIS-01f-#9C2464A BubbleGun-03c-Montr#9BEFA66 ASSS-10-Benitez-Montr#60A3C FAV5-2b-Renauld-Res-M#60C55 BGUN-3b-EBas-Res-Mont#60C4F BGUN-3d-Pantalena-Mon#60C53 IRV4-1eCON-Montreal13-epsonAspen is headed to the Montreal Comic Con 2013 and bringing a ton of new exclusives including the launch of the All New Executive Assistant: Iris #1! Featuring new art by Paolo Pantalena, Peter Steigerwald, Eric Basaldua, Paul Renaud and Eric Basaldua, these convention exclusives are sure to go quick! Make sure to also check the to pick up these red-hot exclusives as well!

Dragon Con 2013 Exclusives!

OVERTAKEN-01f_Oum-DragonConAllNew_FATHOM-02d-Konat-DragonConAspen Comics is once again attending Dragon Con 2013 on August 30th – September 2nd, and we have two amazing exclusives comic books for the show–including the world premiere of our seventh “10 for 10” title, OVERTAKEN! Get both the Overtaken #1 Dragon Con 2013 cover by Siya Oum and also the All New Fathom #2 Dragon Con 2013 cover by Alex Konat and Peter Steigerwald! Limited quantities of both titles will also be available on the!

Overtaken In Stores Now!

Aspen’s seventh “10 for 10” release hits comic book shelves this August from creator and writer Frank Mastromauro with newcomer Marco Lorenzana and Wes Hartman! Check out these two amazing direct edition covers below and also make sure to pre-order the Aspen Reserved Edition cover by Lorenzana and Steigerwald in order to get the Aspen “Perfect 10’s” jam cover!

Overtaken-01a-Lorenzana Overtaken-01b-RET-Lorenzana

All New Fathom #1!

Check out this preview of the All New Fathom #1 out on July 24th and make sure to grab your copy for only $1! Fifteen years of Michael Turner’s breathtaking epic Fathom starts now with this all new direction and don’t forget–the Aspen Reserved Edition cover by Alex Konat and Peter Steigerwald! Collect all ten of the special “10 for 10” covers and you’ll get the Aspen “Perfect 10’s” poster once the initiative finishes!

AllNew_FATHOM-01a_Konat AllNew_FATHOM-01b_Konat-reserved 01_FAV5-01-CMYKcrop 02-03_FAV5-01-CMYKcrop Independence Day Exclusives!

We’re excited to offer our latest holiday exclusive items, this time for the 4th of July! Fathom: The Elite Saga #3 will feature this amazing Mike DeBalfo and Peter Steigerwald exclusive Independence Day 2013 cover limited to 200 copies, and full size print limited to 50 editions! click to purchase!


FAES-03-Independenc#95DA42AAnd that’s not all! We are also offering this amazing Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald Fathom Independence Day print as well! Limited to only 50 editions, this holiday print is sure to be gone quickly so hurry and get yours Aspen fans and celebrate the 4th of July in Aspen style!