November 6th New Releases!

Aspen has three exciting new releases on November 6th: Trish Out of Water #2, Charismagic (Volume 2) #6 and Executive Assistant: Assassins #16! Make sure to grab all of these red hot new Aspen releases and check out these amazing … Continue reading


Jirni #5 Out Now!

The conclusion to one of our hottest new series is out now! Jirni #5 from creator/writer J.T. Krul and the art team of Paolo Pantalena and Brett Smith is in stores and on Comixology and the! Check out this … Continue reading


Montreal Comic Con Exclusives!

Aspen is headed to the Montreal Comic Con 2013 and bringing a ton of new exclusives including the launch of the All New Executive Assistant: Iris #1! Featuring new art by Paolo Pantalena, Peter Steigerwald, Eric Basaldua, Paul Renaud and … Continue reading


Charismagic #5 Available Now!

Aspen’s “10 for 10″ continues on with the Issue #5 release of the magical action-advnture series Charismagic! Check out this preview below and pick up a copy today at your local comic book shop, Comixology and the!


Overtaken In Stores Now!

Aspen’s seventh “10 for 10″ release hits comic book shelves this August from creator and writer Frank Mastromauro with newcomer Marco Lorenzana and Wes Hartman! Check out these two amazing direct edition covers below and also make sure to pre-order … Continue reading


Soulfire # 6 Out Now!

Soulfire #6 is out now! Available in your local comic shops, Comixology, iVerse and the! Check out this preview below!  


All New Fathom #1!

Check out this preview of the All New Fathom #1 out on July 24th and make sure to grab your copy for only $1! Fifteen years of Michael Turner’s breathtaking epic Fathom starts now with this all new direction and … Continue reading


Shrugged #3 First Look!

Aspen’s “10 for 10″ continues on with the release of Shrugged #3 on June 5th! From creator/writer Frank Mastromauro with art by Jonathan Marks and Beth Sotelo, this latest issue takes a dark turn that Theo, Ange, Dev and friends … Continue reading


Lotus Blooms in Executive Assistant: Assassins #11!

Executive Assistant: Assassins continues following the shocking events of the “Executive Extinction” storyline! Now, look back on the origin story of Lotus, one of the most popular assassins in the EA Universe! Also check to purchase today!