Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

Created by Peter Steigerwald

Set against the backdrop of intergalactic space, The Zoo Hunters is told from the perspective of Tyrellun Kels, and his Zoo Trapper father Abros, as they travel the stars capturing rare species of aliens for various zoos on far-flung worlds. Abros educates his son about the family trade while they attempt to cope with the sudden, tragic death of Ty’s mother. Along the way, Abros reconnects with an old friend, Minalara and her pet named Scout, as the foursome do their best to stay one step ahead of rogue trappers, pirates and the unscrupulous underworld malcontents trailing them. However, Ty soon begins to question the ethics of their profession as well as their purpose, turning his father’s world upside in the process. Explore the galaxy-spanning journey of a father and son as the forces that threaten to tear them apart, just may bring them closer together.


Action / Adventure / Fantasy

Created by Michael Turner

In the year 2211, in the city of San Francisco, a young orphan boy named Malikai discovers he is the link between an age of magic long forgotten and the ruling forces of technology in the present. But, the dark lord of technology Rainier has other plans for the young boy—mainly vanquishing him and the magical power building within the child. However, along with the winged Goddess named Grace, and a group of his closest allies, Malikai manages to narrowly escape Rainier’s attempts to capture him, and journeys on a quest to discover the true nature of the magical world he must now lead the charge to protect at all costs.

Mini-Series Spinoffs : Soulfire: Dying of the Light / Soulfire: Chaos Reign / Soulfire: Shadow Magic / Soulfire: New World Order / Soulfire: Search for the Light / All-New Soulfire


Action / Adventure / Drama

Created by Vince Hernandez

Trish Powell thought she had everything figured out: high school, friends, social media. No problem. Until one day when her world crashes down upon her as she discovers her body is changing in ways far more extreme than puberty or adolescence—it’s turning into water! And following a tragic series of events that shatter her life and force her to flee from everything she’s ever known, Trish discovers a new set of abilities, as well as a wondrous new life, filled to the surface with possibilities!