Fathom: Kiani Returns!

KIANI-V4-01b-Konat-2x3 KIANI-V4-01c-Garbowska-2x3

Aspen Comics recently celebrated the ten-year anniversary of one of their most popular characters, Fathom’s warrior heroine, Kiani. To help usher in a new direction for the character beginning in February for the release of Fathom: Kiani Volume 4, the publisher tasked its current All New Michael Turner’s Fathom artist Alex Konat and Fathom: Kiani artists Giuseppe Cafaro and Wes Hartman to update the character and story’s visual look and design. Fathom: Kiani writer Vince Hernandez explains:


“When Kiani was created in 2004, she was an instant hit with Aspen fans because of the depth of her personality and her unique character design. And, as our company and fan base continue to evolve, a new generation of readers is introduced to this wonderful character, including a much larger female audience. We wanted to honor that spirit of progress by updating the look and feel of the series with an exciting new design and feel.”


Fathom: Kiani Volume 4 #1 arrives in stores this February 11th written by Vince Hernandez with art by Giuseppe Cafaro and Wes Hartman, and all issues in this series will feature direct edition covers by Cafaro and Alex Konat, with Retailer Incentive Edition water-themed homage covers by Agnes Garbowska.


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