Michael Turner’s Fathom Annual #1!

Fathom-Annual2014-01a-Turner Fathom-Annual2014-01b-Turner

This summer, Aspen Comics is set to release the first of two Aspen Annual oversized issues, beginning with their flagship title, Michael Turner’s Fathom, on June 18th. Followed by the release of Michael Turner’s Soulfire Annual #1 this July, these all-new Annual issues will showcase both current Aspen talent, as well as new Aspen writers and artists.


Michael Turner’s Fathom Annual #1 will feature three all new stories featuring the talents of David Wohl (Fathom) with Dennis Calero (X-Factor), Nei Ruffino (Soulfire) writing and illustrating her first Fathom tale, and Vince Hernandez (Fathom: Kiani) with Jordan Gunderson (Executive Asssitant: Assassins) and Jasen Smith. The oversized Fathom Annual #1 issue will also contain a special classic Fathom Preview story by Michael Turner, Scott Lobdell, Joe Weems and Jonathan D. Smith and Peter Steigerwald.


The publisher’s Fathom Annual #1 will be in stores on June 18th and will feature a direct edition cover by Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald, along with an exclusive Fathom Annual #1 AspenStore.com variant sketch edition by Turner, limited to 200 copies, available on the release date.


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