by Mathias Lewis for

Soulfire is a fantasy comic series created by Michael Turner and Jeph Loeb back in the early 2000′s and was selected by fans in 2003 to be the first new series produced by Aspen MLT (after the continuance of Michael Turner’s Fathom). It has since spawned 3 amazing volumes and several spin-off mini-series, such as Soulfire: Dying of the Light and Soulfire: Shadow Magic. The Soulfire Primer is designed to catch you up on everything Soulfire just in time for the upcoming Soulfire Search For The Light event this summer. Amazingly Soulfire Primer will do that all for only $1.

With the combined writing of Michael Turner, Jeph Loeb, and J.T. Krul, along with art by Turner, Joe Benitez, and Peter Steigerwald, the Soulfire Primer is designed to catch you up on all the pivotal moments of Malikai, a young orphaned boy who is the key to bringing magic back to the Earth, and his assorted magical friends. This tale of swords and sorcery set in the relatively distant future has been an epic roller coaster ride over the past 3 volumes, but things are only going to get crazier with the Search for the Light event and volume 4 on their way, so what better way to catch up then this awesomely affordable comic?

Now I’m sure at this point you’re also curious about the Search for the Light event as well as volume 4 of Soulfire. Well, you wont have to wait long, as the Search for the Light begins at the end of June, starting a 5-week long series of weekly one-shot comics by some of the greatest up and coming talent in the industry. Starting June 27th and running through July, each week brings you a different Soulfire comic spotlighting one of the five magical "Masters" within the Soulfire universe as they band together in order to find and rescue the Bearer of the Light, Malikai. Each issue will lead into fourth volume launching in August. The creative teams for each series below:

Soulfire Hope #1 by JT Krul and Jose Varese

Soulfire Despair #1 by David Schwartz and Jonathan Marks

Soulfire Faith #1 by Amanda McMurray and Siya Oum

Soulfire Power #1 by David Wohl and Khary Randolph

Soulfire Grace #1 by JT Krul and Pasquale Qualano

And then, in August, JT Krul returns to Soulfire with its fourth volume, bringing along Mike DeBalfo ( Grimm Fairy Tales ) to provide incredible interior art for the series.