Review: Homecoming Issue #1

By Russ Pirozek at Digital Noob

Aspen Comics is celebrating the release of a brand new title in their already expansive catalog, with the action/sci-fi title Homecoming. Taking a more tongue-in-cheek view on aliens, high school, social interaction and more, the book, written by David Wohl with art by Emilio Laiso, Brett Smith and Stefani Rennee (and letters by Josh Reed), follows a group of high school students, lead by Hunter Wilson, the typical high school student.

While the introduction of the book talks mainly about aliens, abductions and conspiracy theory, Hunter is the main focus of the book, with aliens being the catalyst to the events at hand. Hunter has quite an interesting night when out of nowhere, something landed in his backyard. A reference in the an “article” before the main plot starts explains this occurrence to be the reappearance of  Celeste Lee, an eight year old girl who was thought to be abducted, along with her mother, several years ago. Celeste isn’t eight anymore, but she’s back, and after some time away, she’s much different. She remembers barely anything about her life the past few years, only that her home (now Hunter and his family’s home) is there, and that she’s been sent back for a certain reason that is not quite clear to her. This leads to a series of strange events that leaves Hunter and his friends Paul, Jaye Anne and Cole looking at life a whole lot differently.


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