Scott Lobdell brings THE FOUR POINTS to Aspen Comics

On April 8th, 2015 Aspen Comics will debut their new series The Four Points written by Scott Lobdell (The Scourge, Red Hood and the Outlaws) and penciled by Jordan Gunderson (Fathom Annual) with colors by Valentina Pinto (Damsels In Excess).

Following a family tragedy, Gia Sorrentino has inherited an empire and is finally free to explore her full potential and perhaps even unlock some of the most unimaginable secrets of mankind. But with the amazing comes… [READ MORE]




FATHOM: KIANI #1 now in stores!

FATHOM: KIANI #1 now in stores! Check out this PREVIEW

Kiani has finally reunited with her sister, Anika, and the Fathom Universe will never be the same again!

Following the catastrophic destruction of the Volna, the Russian Government’s secret Blue research facility, the United States has decided to take action against the rising threat of the Blue. However, in Africa, Kiani and Anika discover that their family bond is stronger than any one army—as their fight to survive above the surface will lead to a revolution amongst the people that will change the landscape of the human race forever!


LOLA XOXO #5 preview

LOLA-05a-Reg-Siya-OUMLOLA XOXO #5 by creator/writer/artist Siya Oum is in stores now!

Conrad arrives in Sinmora, and is shocked to find out that Lola’s life may be in danger. Meanwhile, a weakened and bloodied Wasteland Trading Co. finally find solace in a small town that may prove hopeful for a post-apocalyptic future ahead. However, Lola soon realizes that looks can be deceiving, and nothing is as it seems in the Wasteland—and this mistake could be her last!

BIG NEWS: Aspen Comics & Big Dog Ink!

Big news, Aspen Comics fans! Big Dog Ink is coming to Aspen exclusively as a new imprint in 2015! Wait ’till you hear what we have planned for the future with their amazing library of original titles and products!

Aspen Comics has reached an agreement with fellow Independent comic book publisher Big Dog Ink to acquire exclusive publishing rights for BDI’s entire library of comic book properties, in addition to their past catalogue of titles. The deal will see BDI launch forward as a distinct imprint of Aspen Comics’ books and products, with owner/publishers Tom and Kim Hutchison continuing to be the creative force behind BDI’s unique set of original titles at Aspen. Tom Hutchison discusses:


“At Big Dog Ink we’ve always been devoted to creating high quality, unique comics for our readers. When it came time in the growth of our company to find partners that share our love of the comic genre and passion for storytelling, Aspen seemed like the obvious choice. From the beginning, everyone at Aspen has been supportive of our crazy adventure and we’re looking forward to being part of a truly top notch crew of creators and longstanding industry professionals. Fans can look forward to all of the great content they’ve come to expect from BDI, but bigger and better with Aspen in our corner.”

Founded in 2009, BDI has seen a substantial growth within the independent comic book market in collaboration with a wide variety of up-and-coming artistic talent on a multitude of original properties such as Legend of Oz: The Wicked West,ShahrazadPenny For Your SoulUrsa MinorCritterKnightingail and more.

Under the terms of this new agreement between the two publishers, Aspen and BDI will be widening the access to BDI’s diverse lineup of original properties through several of Aspen’s existing channels, including at the retail and digital levels, in addition to Aspen’s online webstore outlet, Aspen’s VP/Editor-in-Chief Vince Hernandez discusses:

“We are thrilled to be able to team up with Tom, Kim and Big Dog Ink to introduce their original and exciting titles to our fans, and welcome their own fans to our house as well. They have really built something special at BDI, and their passion for creating exceptional new titles is something we knew would make for a perfect fit here at Aspen Comics. Their creative vision will continue forward, and based off the early plans we have in place, I am certain BDI fans can expect more of the same high quality storytelling in addition to some exciting new ideas coming your way.”

Aspen and BDI have set a planned reprint release schedule for their existing library of books to feature new and re-mastered content, beginning with the re-release of Shahrazad in early Spring with more release dates to follow.

The publishers will also be utilizing their combined regional presence and bases of operation to build a broader convention appearance slate across more potential cities and avenues of promotion in 2015 and beyond!


Aspen SDCC 2014 Panel News!

Aspen SDCC 2014 Panel

A hearty “aloha” rang out from the medium-sized but enthusiastic crowd in attendance at the official Aspen Panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego. The stage was so packed with artists and writers, there wasn’t enough space for the full roster of assembled talent. Hannibal Tabu, Scott Lobdell, Mark Roslan (VP, director of design and production), Josh Reed, J.T. Krul, Paolo Pantalena, T.G. Roberts, Giuseppe Cafaro, Jordan Funderson, Siya Oum, Beth Sotelo, and Vince Hernandez (VP, editor-in-chief) squeezed around the table while Laurie Hanson sat in the front row. Cosplayer MapleBunny dressed as the lead from “BubbleGun” helped pass out prizes to people asking questions later in the panel.

Frank Mastromauro ran down the books in a quick pace, primarily because there was so many to talk about and so much art and covers to show. The first title featured was…
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Shrugged Volume 2 Is Announced!



Aspen Comics To Bring Back Classic Series Shrugged For “10 for 10”

Press Release


As their second release in their tenth anniversary “10 for 10” initiative, Aspen Comics is returning to the world of Perspecta and their popular series Shrugged. Created by Michael Turner and Frank Mastromauro, Shrugged will feature a mix of both a returning and brand new art team. The official Aspen solicitation for the new series reads:

You think you’re prepared, but you’re not. You’ve been decisive in your actions up to this point, but now things have been turned upside down. You feel you’ve conformed your mindset and are ready to accept what you’re about to experience, but you haven’t. That’s because SHRUGGED is back and ready to blow your mind!

Theo and his friends are entering their final year of high school, and even though Ange and Dev are still along for the ride, a host of new characters have joined in on the adventure! But, everything isn’t all fun and games this time around as an evil force has also returned and is preparing to silence those voices inside their heads…permanently. If you thought you knew what fear was, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Creator and writer Mastromauro discusses the new volume:

“It’s been a long time coming and I couldn’t be happier working on Shrugged again. When we created this series almost eight years ago, Michael [Turner] always had an idea for where he wanted the story to go after the first volume was completed. I’ve kept that idea in mind ever since for when we were able to get the series scheduled back into production and back into stores for the fans and readers. Now that Aspen’s ten year anniversary is here, I’m thrilled to have Shrugged return as a part of that celebration, and I’m looking forward to bringing Michael’s incredible vision to everyone to the best of my ability.”

This newest volume of Shrugged will be written by Mastromauro and will pair up-and-coming Aspen newcomer Jonathan Marks with returning, veteran colorist Beth Sotelo. Volume one artist Micah Gunnell will also return to provide a special lead-in to the new art team for this new volume.

As with all of Aspen’s “10 for 10” releases, the publisher will be offering a host of incentives for retailers and fans alike, including the extremely affordable price of only $1 for the first issue, Shrugged #1. Aspen will also be offering a special Aspen Reserved Edition cover for Shrugged #1 featuring art by Marks and superstar colorist Peter Steigerwald. Fans who reserve this all new Shrugged volume with their local retailers will be eligible to receive the Aspen Reserved Edition of Shrugged #1.

Fans who collect all ten of Aspen’s “10 for 10” Aspen Reserved Edition #1 covers each month through their local retailer will be eligible to receive the full-size Aspen “Perfect 10’s” jam poster absolutely free.

In addition to the debut issue, Aspen is also offering an Aspen Reserved Edition cover for Shrugged #2 by Gunnell and Sotelo, along with a Shrugged #2 J. Scott Campbell Retailer Incentive cover. Aspen will be releasing more info on further Shrugged incentives and Aspen’s “10 for 10” soon.


You can find Shrugged vol. 1 here on the, or for those of you with e-readers, check out our page on

First Look: “Executive Extinction”


By Lucas at

Beginning in December and continuing into spring 2013, the “Executive Extinction” crossover will take place over 10 issues, beginning with Executive Assistant: Assassins #6 and crossing each issue with the third volume of Executive Assistant: Iris. Each series will have five issues in the crossover, with art on Assassins by Jordan Gunderson and Iris art by Alex Lei. Teodoro Gonzalez will be colorist on both comics.

“You can read them separately, to be honest. They’re each their own stand-alone story,” Hernandez said. “But they’re under one larger banner called “Executive Extinction.”

The Executive Assistant universe is based on a concept that first started at Aspen in 2009, with the launch of Executive Assistant: Iris, which has since continued with several volumes. The concept of the Executive Assistants is based upon a true story that creator David Wohl found about the women who work for high-powered Chinese executives, both as executive assistants and as personal bodyguards — or even assassins.

Now many of these newer characters will team up in “Executive Extinction.” And Hernandez pointed out that the concept of a team of Executive Assistants was alluded to at the end of Wohl’s last event, “The Hitlist Agenda,” last year.  As a result, there is a threat against the very existence of these Executive Assistants, and that’s what lies at the core of the crossover.