First Look: Executive Assistant: Assassins #8












Vince Hernandez – Writer / Jordan Gunderson – Art / Teo Gonzalez – Colors

 Will anyone survive the Extinction?

Executive Assistant Lotus as Rose discover that trying to ambush a professional assassin in her home is easier said than done. When the arrival of Iris, Lily, Orchid and Aster creates an impossible situation for Rose, she must face the consequences of her actions, including torture at the hands of her once-close friends. Yet, the biggest threat still awaits the group of EA’s, as they learn that they are not the only assassins in search of Rose!

 EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: ASSASSINS #8 is in stores February 20th, 2013!

FC                               32 pages                                 $3.99











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The PullBox Reviews “Executive Assistant: Iris” #2!



By Eric from The PullBox


Executive Assistant: Iris #2 (Aspen – Wohl / Lei / Gonzalez)

Iris is back, but will she make it through the – Executive Extinction!

The “Executive Extinction” crossover reaches a deadly turning point as Iris encounters an ALL NEW Executive Assistant–Jasmine—and the results are perilous! With her employer already kidnapped and held by the Russian Mafia, Iris makes a shocking decision that could end with her own death!

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS creator David Wohl is joined by newcomer Alex Lei and series vet Teo Gonzalez, to bring you the thrilling third volume as the “Executive Extinction” crossover event continues!

“This is an all-action blood and scars issue – fists, knives, swords, guns; this is the sort of series that would make both James Bond and Bruce Willis have adrenaline envy.”


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First Look: “Executive Extinction”


By Lucas at

Beginning in December and continuing into spring 2013, the “Executive Extinction” crossover will take place over 10 issues, beginning with Executive Assistant: Assassins #6 and crossing each issue with the third volume of Executive Assistant: Iris. Each series will have five issues in the crossover, with art on Assassins by Jordan Gunderson and Iris art by Alex Lei. Teodoro Gonzalez will be colorist on both comics.

“You can read them separately, to be honest. They’re each their own stand-alone story,” Hernandez said. “But they’re under one larger banner called “Executive Extinction.”

The Executive Assistant universe is based on a concept that first started at Aspen in 2009, with the launch of Executive Assistant: Iris, which has since continued with several volumes. The concept of the Executive Assistants is based upon a true story that creator David Wohl found about the women who work for high-powered Chinese executives, both as executive assistants and as personal bodyguards — or even assassins.

Now many of these newer characters will team up in “Executive Extinction.” And Hernandez pointed out that the concept of a team of Executive Assistants was alluded to at the end of Wohl’s last event, “The Hitlist Agenda,” last year.  As a result, there is a threat against the very existence of these Executive Assistants, and that’s what lies at the core of the crossover.