Comic Book Resources Talks With J.T. Krul


By Andy Liegl from Comic Book Resources

Aspen Comics’ “10 For 10” initiative sees the release of ten new titles throughout 2013 for the introductory price of $1 each. One of the series involved is the April-releasing “Jirni,” a story of magic and sorcery by “Soulfire” and “Fathom” writer J.T. Krul. Fresh off of his exclusive contract with DC Comics and New 52 runs on “Captain Atom” and “Green Arrow”, Krul’s workload has not diminished as April will also see the release of his first prose novel, “The Lost Spark.” A story over a decade in the making, the novel spins a tale starring a young girl on a magical quest to save her grandfather.

CBR News spoke with Krul about both projects, with the writer readily providing new details about “Jirni” and “The Lost Spark,” the challenges of writing prose and how his real life experiences have influenced his creations. Plus, exclusive cover art.

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Geeks Unleashed Talks to Mark Roslan



By Christopher Romero at Geeks Unleashed

Mark Roslan, Director of Design and Production at Aspen Comics, has played an important role with the publisher’s creative team since its debut a decade ago. Now celebrating its tenth year in the comic industry, Aspen Comics has begun its “10 for 10″ initiative as of this month, with the release of Legend of the Shadow Clan #1, written by David Wohl. Mark discussed with Geeks Unleashed his role with Aspen, and the company’s upcoming plans for its new titles.

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Geeks Unleashed Interviews Vince Hernandez

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By Mark Brassington of Geeks Unleashed

Founded by Michael Turner, Aspen Comics celebrates their 10th anniversary this month and they’ve planned something very special. We, at GeeksUnleashed, relished the opportunity to sit down with writer and Editor-in-Chief Vince Hernandez.

GU: Vince, thanks for talking to GeeksUnleashed. What can you tell us about the ’10 for 10’ campaign?

VH: Our “10 for 10” initiative is both an ambitious project as well as a huge celebration for our tenth anniversary as a publisher. At the core of the “10 for 10” are our ten new Aspen series released over a ten month span starting in February. This will include five popular returning series and five all new properties that we’re beyond excited about.

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Interview with David Wohl on Unleash the Fanboy



By Stephen Lemlek at Unleash the Fanboy

A few days ago we had the opportunity to talk with long time comic scribe David Wohl.  Most famous for creating indie titles The Darkness and Withcblade, Wohl’s has been involved with comics since his high school years (working for the House of Ideas at the time), and has dipped his toes in quite a few other publishing houses since.  So jump into the conversation as we talk about this time in the industry, his brand new series LEGEND OF THE SHADOWCLAN, and a ton more!


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