Preview: Legend of the Shadow Clan #2!

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David Wohl – Story / Cory Smith – Art / Jon Starr – Colors

What is the mystery of the LEGEND OF THE SHADOWCLAN?

The Himuras believed themselves to be just an average family, but everything changed the night that Dr. Richard Himura inadvertently found himself in a battle with well-armed assassins, and he not only survived, but he defeated them! Exhilarated and confused, Himura now discovers that this attack was not random, and that he and his family are anything but ordinary–they are members of an ancient and powerful ninja family known as the Shadowclan. But now that their secret has been discovered, they realize they are ALL in great danger!

Writer David Wohl is joined by the artistic talents of Cory Smith and colorist John Starr, as they bring to you the thrilling new adventures of the LEGEND OF THE SHADOWCLAN!

LEGEND OF THE SHADOWCLAN #2 is in stores March 6th, 2013!

FC 32 pages $3.99

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Advanced Reviews for Legend of the Shadow Clan #1!


Reviews have been rolling in for the first book in our “10 for 10” initiative so, today, rather than featuring just one review, we wanted to thank all of the terrific sites that have been helping to promote our brand new series. To read the full reviews, click on the site’s name for more.
Thanks, everyone!

Bleeding Cool“The action is exciting while the story that’s told is interesting. I mean, who doesn’t like ninjas?” 

Speak Geeky To Me: “The opening issue is very much a fun, almost all ages, book of familial interaction with a slight ninja twist.” Score: 8/10

Comic Book Resources: “The art joins the story in lockstep to deliver a surprisingly entertaining and thrilling comic book.” Score: 4/5

Digital NoobBoth writers have combined to make these skilled people very believable, very crafty, and insanely fun to read.” Score: 8/10

Geekadelphia: “Wohl and Foxhoven have created the perfect vehicle for giving readers lots of ninjas doing ninja stuff in a ninja way. And it’s a blast!”

World of Aspen:This first issue does it well, and having sold over 35k copies, finding this first issue should not be hard to do.”

Omnicomic: “He [Wohl] effortlessly blends a greater criminal operation with the somewhat mundane family dynamic of the Himuras”

The Geekality: “The logos of twenty different comic shops are featured prominently on the covers of these variations. Now that’s what I call supporting the shops who actually support these books. Thanks, Aspen!” Score: 3.5/5

The Geek Girl Project: “Here is a story that promises it’s full of ninjas, skulking, and skullduggery!”

Team Hellions: “The action on the page moves so fast at times that I thought Brad called up Peter Jackson and put the 48 frames per second on his panels.”

Word of the Nerd: “Legend of the Shadow Clan promises 32 fully-colored pages with excellent artwork by Cory Smith and a story by David Wohl that quickly draws you in.” Score: 5/5

Florida Geek Scene: “I enjoyed this issue, solid graphics, character set up, story… There is a lot of potential.  It’s a whole family of ninjas who are just finding out that fact.” Score: 8/10

Major Spoilers: “Smith does a nice job portraying movement and, since this is a book about ninjas, this is a blessedly good thing.” Score: 4.5/5

Geek Mundo: “I have a feeling that it will get nice and bloody. I can’t wait!!”

Graphic Policy: “The first issue starts off with a great action sequence, like a high octane movie looking to hook you right away.” Score: 8/10

Comic Buzz: “This is a solid first issue that does what most first issues are mean to– set up the premise , introduce the characters, and tease what’s to come.” Score: 7.5/10

The Pull Box: “The plot was devious and exciting, the colors vibrant, and the illustrations really deepened the story and made the plot more intense.” 

Geeks Unleashed: “The writing and artwork for this book is polished and crafted with precision. Wohl and company set the stage for what has the potential to be a fantastic title.”

The Examiner: “The artwork captures the action as the ninjas appear through clouds of smoke. Their movements are fluid and their swords are sharp. Through Smith’s layouts you can follow the action as it moves across the page.”

Unleash the Fanboy: “The series writer brilliantly nails the correct dialogue to bring about a unique level of authenticity” Score: 4/5

Comic Bastards: “What a great looking book! This is the type of art and production that I’ve come to associate with Aspen and hopefully it’ll continue to look this good on the series.” Score: 4/5

Chuck’s Comic of the Day: “With a solid story by David Wohl and Brad Foxhoven and strong art by Cory Smith (with some strong hints of Sal Buscema’s style on display), this is a solid start to a new series.” Score: A-

Comic Related: “Writer David Wohl does an excellent job of not only pulling these separate images but also manages to skillfully do the thing that every first issue must do and so many fail to do, establish and interesting landscape with players that the reader cares about and a story that makes them want more.”

Sneak Peek: Legend of the Shadow Clan #1!




David Wohl – Story / Cory Smith – Art / Jon Starr – Colors

Aspen’s Ten Year Anniversary kicks off with the debut of LEGEND OF THE SHADOW CLAN!

Meet the Himura family. They are like any other family living in the city: kids in school, parents working to make ends meet. But unbeknownst to even them, their ancestors held a dark secret: they were a clan of ninja in feudal Japan, in the employ of a prominent leader. But when that leader was murdered under mysterious circumstances, the Himura Clan was blamed, and forced to flee, going into hiding. Over the centuries, the descendants lost track of the ancient ways. They came to America, abandoning their sordid past to distant memory. However, recently, their secret has been discovered–their ancient enemy has returned, and won’t rest until every member of the Himura clan is killed. Now, the Himura family must rediscover their long-forgotten birthright if they hope to have any chance of surviving the onslaught to come, and along the way, they will learn the LEGEND OF THE SHADOW CLAN!

Writer David Wohl is joined by the artistic talents of Cory Smith and colorist John Starr, as they bring to you the thrilling new adventures of the LEGEND OF THE SHADOW CLAN!

LEGEND OF THE SHADOWCLAN #1 is in stores February 6th, 2013!

FC                               32 pages                                 $1.00